Where does innovation come from in areas adjacent to your core business - areas that you don’t buy or build yourself? As the pace of change increases, and as technology innovation increasingly impacts how people work, the opportunity to innovate in the outsourcing partnership expands significantly.

That’s what the ISS Open Innovation Programme is all about: Taking the point of departure in broad topics relevant for modern organisations, and turning them into concrete challenges relevant for your organisation.

We use those challenges to scout for and source solutions in the global ecosystem of mature startup companies, because that’s where most innovation happens. Together, we pick the winners in the ecosystem, and we pilot the solutions with you in the real world. Last, with proper evidence in hand, we can take the proven solutions to enterprise scale with the backbone of ISS as a service partner to support roll-out and continuity.

As an ISS customer, you’re invited into the Open Innovation Programme by invitation through our account teams. You commit to participating in co-creating workshops and providing access to whatever business unit in your organisation is relevant for your challenge.

We look forward to seeing you in the programme.