As the world’s leading global service organisation, ISS has thousands of customers with an appetite for innovation happening in the wider ecosystem of startups. We close the gap and are the boots on the ground when we go to enterprise scale together.


Innovation starts with needs. A deep understanding of the pains and gains of business. Getting ideas is the easy part, execution is a lot harder, because it involves testing ideas with customers in the real world. ISS now introduces a new and exclusive programme for our key customers to accelerate innovation in and around Facility Management and Corporate Real Estate. The ISS Open Innovation Programme is designed to uncover the challenges at the edge of your core business, and to scout for and source solutions in the wider ecosystem of mature technology startups. But that’s not all. We’ll hold your hand all the way from first encounter to enterprise scale implementation.



Find out how we can help you discover opportunities around your core as your business evolves, connecting you to the relevant technology-based startups.

See how we can shrink the haystack.



Learn more about how our unique access to corporate customers across industries and geographies is the perfect platform to expand your business.

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