ISS World Services is a 120-year-old global service organisation with thousands of large customers in both private and public sectors. As an outsourcing company, ISS builds solid relationships with our customers, and it is through those relationships that we uncover, codify, and describe industry needs and challenges to which we don’t currently have good solutions.

That’s where you come in. As a startup in the business-to-business world, access to customers is absolutely key. Your investors, mentors, and startup accelerator might give you the first handful, but you still have the chasm of market expansion to cross.

We’re giving you access to those customers through our open innovation programme. Based on our broad themes, we are reaching out into the ecosystem on a frequent basis to scout for and source solutions in the wider ecosystem. If you have a compelling value proposition and a relatively mature product that aligns with our themes, we will reach out to you.

If your startup is selected for piloting, you can expect a fast-paced 100-day ride where you prove not only the value of your product, but also your ability to work with a large organisation and to align your startup culture with that of an incumbent. It’s about chemistry as much as it’s about product-solution fit, and we will have coaches to help make it happen.

On the back of a succesful pilot (hitting the targets) we can make the decision to go to full enterprise scale together, and ISS is your perfect partner here because of two things:

  1. Scaling business is what we do. Everything about ISS is about scale, and we’re experts in growing from local to global.

  2. Service is what we do. Every product needs a service component to make it sustainable in terms of installation, support, training, whatever. We’re the boots on the ground.

Read more about the process here and sign up with our partners at TNW here.